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     Mark Sopko, otherwise known as "Mr. Mark " is the owner of "Reindeer Magic and Miracles LLC", located in Central New Jersey. Mark has been working with animals for over 22 years. From zookeeper, to wildlife rehabilitator, to working in the field of veterinary medicine, it's easy to see why, when Santa needed someone to help him with his reindeer, he called on Mr. Mark! 

" Reindeer are awesome animals!  There truly is something magical about themand when you see them for yourself, I'm sure you'll agree!"-Mr. Mark


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* Rocket  &  Fetch *


    Fetch has a very interesting personality.  He is very sweet and you can see it in his big beautiful eyes! Just like his mother Vixen. For the most part, he is very mellow, easy going, likes to just mosey along and chill out but he also has a little bit of a mischievious side. Like most reindeer, Fetch is very curious and can get into trouble.  He enjoys kicking exercise balls and pushing them around with his antlers. Like his famous father Dancer, he  also loves to dance!  When he's in the mood, he'll stand right up on his hind legs and dance around. His most favorite thing of all, is playing with and chewing on sticks... which is how he got his name "Fetch". 


     Live Reindeer for any occasion.


*Rocket *


    Rocket is the son of Santa's famous reindeer Comet.  Like his father Comet, who got his name from the way he shoots across the sky, Rocket  loves going fast!  Whether he's competing in reindeer games or just flying through the air!  He also loves lots of attention and  is a big mush!  He enjoys following everyone around and getting his antlers rubbed.  When he's in the mood to play, one of his favorite things to do is catching and kicking a ball around. He also loves playing hide and seek. Although he can be shy, he's very affectionate and  loves hugs and kisses. This is no surprise as his mother is another one of Santa's famous reindeer, Cupid.





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