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        Welcome to the Reindeer Magic and Miracles website!  Where you can rent live reindeer for displays, education, and more importantly for Magic and Miracles!  Reindeer truly are amazing animals and  yes, they are real!  Our goal at Reindeer Magic and Miracles is to bring back some magic to the world!  Remember back when you were little and waiting up for Santa to arrive? Perhaps you just wanted to hear the jingle from his bells or his "HO HO HO!" from the other room or maybe you just wanted to get a glimpse of Rudolf's nose as he flew across the sky!  The excitement of it all!  Remember awakening the next day to a room full of toys under the Christmas tree!  It was a magical feeling!!!  That's the same feeling you get just being around reindeer!  The faces of adults and children alike, light up when they see them! 

      In addition to renting out our reindeer for displays and education, we also want to help others with them. Imagine taking that magical feeling that reindeer bring and using it to help someone less fortunate, sick. or down on their luck.  That's when Miracles happen! In addition to displays and education, ReindeerMagicand Miracles will be working with charities and those less fortunate as well.Time to bring back some Magic and Miracles!




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